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Digital Workshop Special Interest Group (SIG)

Presently this group assists members in creating designs and converting them to toolpaths for the digital router (CNC router) in the shop.  It is expecting that this digital router will be used by the Toy SIG to produce toys cutouts from their archive of patterns. The machines are available for members to learn how to design and cut/engrave their own special projects.
We've recently taken delivery of a cutter/engraving hundred watt laser and it is now operational.  Watch this page to learn about design and use of the CNC router and laser machine.

Note: Club equipment may not be used for commercial endeavors.

Most Recently in the Digital Workshop

Penguin puzzles on the laser

Penguin jigsaw puzzles from the laser cutter.

Close-up of school buses being cut on the CNC. Note the bumpers, headlights, taillights and square windows. We can get a little more detail than can easily be achieved with a scroll saw.
School buses on the CNC
EMS trucks on the CNC

Dale cutting some ambulances and fire trucks on the CNC.

Dale's laser-cut multi-layered Eagle mandala.
Dale's laser-cut multi-layered Eagle mandala

While this wasn't created with the Woodchuck's CNC, it's a fine example of a piece that would be quite challenging with any other tool.
CNC bowl
CNC bowl
CNC bowl
Cranking out cars

Dale cranks out a few more fastback bodies and fenders for the Toy SIG. Keep 'em coming...

What do you do if your home laser cutter is a paltry 1 watt? John upcycles Amazon boxes into multi-layered mandalas. Add some artist-grade construction paper and they turn out pretty well.
John's hexagon mandala - bare
John's hexagon mandala - colored
John's hexagon mandala - assembled
Dale's CNC Tahoe

For exploring the depths of Lake Tahoe, Dale prefers a CNC router over scuba gear.

Here's how the cradles look after Mary hand-paints them.

Dale celebrates Earth Day and Easter at once.

A number of tools and hands touch these toy cradles before they're finished: Planer, CNC router, laser engraver, sander.

22 stick horse heads produced by CNC router, with some insight to the process.
Stick horse heads from CNC router

Mary cut these baskets on our new laser cutter, to be assembled by her veterans class.

mary basket 2
mary basket 3

Show and Tell

Ron Flint

Ron is our founding member.  Ron was instrumental in the purchase and setup of the CNC router. He is our go to man for Fusion 360 and is our software trainer.  Among many other things, Ron created and cut the Nevada shapes as a community service.

Ron is currently partnering with Jerry (shown far right) to demystify today's software-driven tools (CNC routers, laser cutters/engravers, 3D printers) and help our members become more comfortable with advancing technology.

Ron Flint
Nevada Shapes for Seniors to decorate

Tom Mattus

Tom is a charter member of the Digital Workshop.    
He is a student of Fusion 360 and has completed several projects.  Recently Tom his installed his own CNC router. I will try to get Tom to send us some of his finished projects.
To the right are a few of Tom's early engravings.


Products by Dale Hodes

Dale's interest is to produce toys for the toy group. He  has absorbed  more than the basics in Vectric in a very short time. Dale has design and cut several toys, displayed to the left are some of his productions. Dale is a SIG leader. he is learning Vectric and is well versed in the use of out new laser machine. Dale is a valuable member of the digital SIG.
By Charles Johnson

Dogs and aligators
Dogs and alligators(2)

Custom Shelf/Coat Rack

by John Hackley

Production from the CNC machine took a turn for the esoteric this month, with the completion of “Tremors”. Primarily an experiment in “parametric art”, the piece provided John Hackley with an opportunity to learn the entire CAD/CAM process -- from 3D modeling to CNC milling -- while pursuing his curiosity in this strange, sometimes surreal visual art form. John wishes to thank Charles Johnson for sharing his wealth of CNC experience via one-on-one mentoring and looks forward to further exploring parametric art forms. Shorts of the model and finished piece are available on YouTube.

Paul Cox -The love box

Paul Cox came to the shop for the Digital SIG hoping that we could engrave a small box that he had made for his wife.   Paul to designed the lettering (Love and Marriage) and the tool paths. He cut the image on the box with a 60 Degree V Bit.
Paul was impressed how EZ  Vectric software is and joined the group as an active member.

Love box

Charles Johnson

He Has his own CNC router and have made several valuable items. For this page He decided to concentrate on the laser machine. The items to the right were cut or inscribed with a 60 watt laser. Our shop will be using a 100 watt laser. I look forward to new members who want to use or learn to use the Laser machine
By: Charles Johnson

snow flake
Upcoming Events
Digital Workshop SIG Meetings for the next 60 days

Current members:


SIG Leaders:

Charles Johnson (775) 313-6166

Dale Hodes (775) 399-8341




John Hackley
Paul Cox
Ron Flint 

Tom Matus